Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Seeing the big yellow buses rolling down my country road makes me know the changing color in treeline is not an illusion. The overcast,cooler day made me want to go on hunt for bittersweet and fall foliage. Fall open house,at Leola's, is second week of Sept., so really feel need to stop procrastinating. I always do everything on the fly--don't plan very well. There are a couple of good sales this next week-end, so hope to add to inventory. I always need a theme for my space,as that gives me focus. This time around I am getting away from whites,etc. and going with OUT OF AFRICA. Doesn't that just give a vision of khakis, greys, faded greens? I can always use help, so if you have any ideas? Wanted you to know Leola has a fb page, so come on over and be her friend. The photo is from my porch--the first color of fall.

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  1. I was driving thru town this evening & saw color in some of the trees too. Can't wait!!!! Remind me of that in February.