Sunday, August 8, 2010

raccoon eyes

I have tried for two days to write a new post, but could not access blog-said I forgot password. Nothing I did worked, not even through e-mail. Today, like magic, It accepts my password--ADD and high blood pressure. I am noticing a definite change in the tree-line surrounding my valley--walnut leaves always go early,but this is August and there is fading of colors and some gold showing up. We are preparing for fall open house at Leola's, so this should put me in mood. I am in charge of mailers and setting of mood for windows,etc. In case you haven't noticed, my sisters try to keep me occupied and out of their hair. I will attempt,again, to show photos. I took some quick shots of collections I keep about and I wanted you to see who greeted me yesterday morning, as I stumbled past atrium doors with my first cup of caffeine.


  1. Yes this blogging can sure be a pain at times, but what would we do without it...and if this take over that Google is planning with Verizon happens, the net will be slower than ever, that is unless you are big corporation with big bucks...the lil' peeps get screwed again!!!

    Hope to have the shop opened for my open house the first week of September, the week I turn 61...that should be interesting!

    Hope it's cooling down some for you guys, it sure isn't up here...and the rains, enough already!!!

  2. Hope you didn't drop your cuppa joe! I can't wait for the Open House, it's always wonderful!!