Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Garage sale

Considering the heat and humidity, Leola's garage sale could be considered a success. The crowd gathered early and mingled about until early afternoon. We saw lots of vendors we only see when we all hit the sales, because most of them are sole proprieters and stay close to home. Late in afternoon we loaded up and left-overs went to storefront operated by a charitable organization. We always have fun when we do these events--Linda served lunch. My sons refer to Linda's never-ending tuna bowl as three heads of lettuce and one can of tuna. When our kids were still at home we would gather at Linda's house and she and mom would serve lunch poolside-- almost always tuna sandwiches . Everyone of our kids consider those days the best. I am going to attempt to insert photos, so if they are random you are welcome to my world! I want everyone to know that Jan did not take part in our sale and you should give her a resounding BOO. Just so you know we are not intentionaly mean--we are two years apart and share a lot of friends, so have always been a little brutal with each other. Linda is in above photo,holding her great-granddaughter--Bella. The sign on bldng. in background is from our antique shop we operated for ten years, back in the day.


  1. Sorry but there are 3 things I reeeeeeaaalllly don't like: getting up too early, heat & heavy lifting. That pretty much cancels out my participation in garage sales.

  2. Judy ~
    Congrats on the new blog! Wishing you every happiness with it! So sorry to have missed that sale ~ don't know how I could have missed it, but my head has been all about getting my classroom set up these days!

    Anyway ~ I gave you (and Jan and Leolas) a shout out on my blog today! I am also linking to you and joining your followers.
    Glad to see you here dear! <3 Katie