Sunday, September 5, 2010


Took big black in for service on Friday--ashamed to say I had delayed that project. My service center is so out of the way for me, on complete opposite side of Springfield from path to shop. I put a lot of miles on my car, but we bought a hybrid this time around and it runs like a dream and saves gas. I needed to run to Lebanon,Mo. yesterday and was worried about oil change' Anyway, got car serviced, had lunch on historic C Street with husband and grandaughter. The food network was filming opening of new restaurant so I took photos of crew working. Our family business is in the neighborhood and it is fun to watch the transformation of the building. The street has wonderful old structures, many of which have been rehabilitated in last few years. It is historical area, so they are pretty true to period of origin. Took off early Sat. for Lebanon and Tattered Treasures, and did I ever find some cool things. My favorite is a Drs. pharmaceutical case. Looks like a gnarly old suitcase ,but inside has great compartments. Our sister Jean went with me and bought a great green cupboard. Had car loaded, so headed to Ozark to unload cupboard, and back home to clean car out and start working on my "stuff". Open house is just around the corner and I have been procrastinating--imagine that.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We have rain. Yesterday it was hot and muggy and my husband was feeding the wild animals their weekly quota of corn. It has been so dry, they have gone from eating 300lbs. every ten days to eating that amount in four or five days. Thank heaven we only have one domestic creature to feed, or we would be in bankruptcy. We woke up in night to storms and rain continues at mid-morning. Seemed like a good day to think of fall and open-house at Leolas--took some photos of objects included in inventory and destined for same; Much junk to work on and a cool trunk brought to me by Bud, who keeps our house in decent condition by doing odd-jobs. He just painted fences and touched up porches. My husband isn't so good with tools, but works everyday to make sure we can give someone else a job. I took photos,also, of Danny feeding corn yesterday--and photos of yard this morning. The rain has already made a huge difference.