Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Storms overhead

O.K. Second blog on it's way-hold on to your hat. It was stormy yesterday,as I drove to Ozark. I intended to take photos along the road,but found that impossible. The shop was full of people waiting to have lunch at Lamberts. If you have no experience with this eatery you would be amazed at the long lines. Cash only, no reservations and a wait as long as three hours. Guess where they stop over when they have nothing to do while waiting for table? Most of the people are very nice, but we have a problem with them heading for our white-cushioned chairs. We are now tying ribbon across arms so they will not recline upon these cushions. Jan was running shop yesterday and as I mentioned, she is very patient. Did I mention they discourage my working behind the counter? We have wonderful customers who really appreciate what we do, and new people are finding us everyday. The ladies of Leolas are cleaning house and having a yard sale this Sat. If you are within driving distance of Springfield,take 65 hi-way to Division,turn East to Fm. Rd. 185 , South on 185 to signs. Lots of really good merchandise. Our sister Linda and her daughter Kelli live at this address. They are the shop owners, along with Jan and I.


  1. Nice going -- now we'll work on pictures. You'll be a pro before you know it.

  2. My eyes were almost crossed when I finished this, to say nothing of my frazzled nerves.

  3. Great post Judy! I'll link you up to mine right away. You're lucky to have Jan as your blog tutor!

  4. Just when you think you have conquered it all, blogger will change everything around and you'll be totally cornfused agin...ha!

    You know haw many great people Jan has met on the blog, it's only a natural for you to join in and connect with all the rest of us nuts!

    Have fun!!!