Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday, July 24

My first experience in writing a blog. I am one of the owners of Leola’s Vintage Home and Garden, located in Ozark,MO. Jan, my sister and a co-owner of Leola’s, writes the Summer Sundays blog. I will have a lot to live up to, because she is a good writer and she is very patient--me, I have a little A.D.D. My problem seems to be my brain running ahead, so I occasionally make a disclaimer that In retrospect would have been better left unsaid. That having been said, it does sometimes make for interesting dialogue. I also seem to have a knack for remembering trivia--some really worthless stuff. My mom, Leola, always said I read magazines and newspapers back to front; the trivia always being in the back. I hope to make this a journey of discovery for myself , and maybe some others will join me along the way. I want to show you the path I have taken as I live the life I choose. I will take you on a literal journey as I travel the thirty miles from my house to Leola’s. Most of the time, there will be stops along the way. Hopefully you will take the journey along with me.


  1. Good job & good luck on your journey. You just better not get more followers then me. You'll love it -- just don't take it too seriously like I sometimes do. Jan

  2. Judy- I love Leola's & I read Jan's blog all the time, so will read yours, also! I would be a follower of both, but just have not figured out how to do it yet! Good luck on blogging! You have a beautiful home!
    Myra (Brighton,MO)

  3. YEAH Judy! I'm so glad you were able to get this started, I'm excited to see all the happenings, thoughts, and photos you'll be sharing! I'll be adding you to my blog list right now.
    big hugs,

  4. Thank you for comments-I am so not computer savvy,so it takes me forever. Inserting photos is my downfall,but I will get there. Thank you, Myra. You live close by--I have a Pleasant Hope address.